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The standings for Tri-State have been updated and the entry blank is posted on this page for you to print out and send in. If you are in the top 15 and do NOT plan on attending the finals please let me know ASAP so the next person in line can move up.   Thanks

The 2016 Tri-State High School Scholarship Appication is due April 15th.  Please print out the form above and get it back to me by the due date.



Your miniumum $250 in Kubota ticket sales are DUE with your Tri-State Entry!  There are several of you that have NOT turned those in yet. I NEED THESE ASAP!!


Our Purpose: "To promote the highest conduct and sportsmanship at all rodeos."

All stalls reservations and hook-ups for the Tri-State Finals need to be made through the Mallet Event Center.




If you are ordering a Shirt from CH Graphics those orders do NOT come to me.  They must be sent directly to CH Graphics along with your payment.   You are NOT required to order a competition shirts, it's totally up to you!

Rooms Have been blocked at the Holiday Inn Express in Levelland, TX for the Tri-State High School Rodeo Finals May 6, 7, & 8.  Make your reservations today.