Our Purpose: "To promote the highest conduct and sportsmanship at all rodeos."

​                                                 2018-2019 Tri-State Club Sponsors

All members are required to join a club.  Clubs may have membership and fundraising requirements in addition to the all membership and fundraising requirements by the Association.

 Here are the current clubs and their sponsors:

GRUVER ~ Suzanne Frazier ~~ 806-736-0318
BUSHLAND ~ Dan Harter ~~ 806-282-4910                              
CANADIAN ~ Kara McClendon ~~ 806-662-6580    

PAMPA ~Matt Hoganson ~~ 806-440-1961        

HAPPY ~ Trey Johnson ~~ 806-433-7382
HEREFORD ~ Rob Wells ~~ 806-346-5109 

VERNON ~  Jody Duggan ~~ 325-665-4083   

** You are not required to compete in a minimum number of rodeos to be eligible for advancement to the Finals or any awards that are provided.  You just have to earn a point in your event to compete at the Region 1 Finals or be in the Top 15 at the end of the regular season to advance to the Tri-State Finals.  The Top 10 in Region 1 after the Region 1 Finals will advance to STATE.  There is not a penalty for missing a rodeo.  Come to the ones you want.