​                                                 2019-2020 Tri-State Region 1 Club Sponsors

All members are required to join a club of your choice and help host a rodeo.  You must be in good standings with your club in order to compete at the rodeos.  Clubs may have membership and fundraising requirements in addition to the all membership and fundraising requirements by the Associations.

 Here are the current clubs and their sponsors:

GRUVER ~ Suzanne Frazier ~~ 806-736-0318
BUSHLAND ~ Dan Harter ~~ 806-282-4910                               

PAMPA/CANADIAN ~Matt Hoganson ~~ 806-440-1961        

HAPPY ~ Trey Johnson ~~ 806-433-7382
HEREFORD ~ Krislyn Harkins ~~ 806-346-0606

** You are not required to compete in a minimum number of rodeos to be eligible for advancement to the Finals or any awards that are provided.  You just have to earn a point in your event to compete at the Region 1 Finals or be in the Top 15 at the end of the regular season to advance to the Tri-State Finals.  The Top 10 in Region 1 after the Region 1 Finals will advance to STATE.  There is not a penalty for missing a rodeo.  Come to the ones you want.