If our rodeo season just isn’t long enough for you and you have some available weekends, consider checking out the competition in neighboring regions or states. You must be a member of Region 1, which is part of Texas High School Rodeo Association and ultimately National High School Rodeo Association to be eligible to enter as a non-member. This means you are eligible for payoff but not points. You can only earn points in your home region (or state.)

It is up to you to contact the state or region secretary and meet their entry deadlines. I am providing the websites for the associations within proximity to Region 1 members. Take a look at their schedules and see if any of the dates work for you. It will be good experience to compete against different competitors than the ones you are used to seeing at our rodeos each week. You must be in good standing with Region 1 to be able to rodeo out of region. The secretary you are entering with should confirm your eligibility with me.

THSRA Region 2        www.thsra2.com
THSRA Region 3       www.thsra3.com
THSRA Region 4       www.thsra4.com
THSRA Region 5       www.thsra5.com
THSRA Region 6       www.thsra6.com
THSRA Region 7       www.thsra7.com
THSRA Region 8       www.thsra8.com
THSRA Region 9       www.thsra9.com
THSRA Region 10     www.thsraregion10.com
Oklahoma HSRA       www.ohsra.com
New Mexico HSRA    www.nmhighschoolrodeo.com
Colorado HSRA         www.cshsra.org

​Texas High School Rodeo Association

Region 1

Keep your contact information current with the Tri-State Office. 
If your mailing address,

e-mail address or phone number changes, please call to get it updated.

Welcome prospective members to the National and Texas High School Rodeo Association.  We are pleased to know that you are thinking about becoming a member in this great association where "The Elite Compete".  Along with the requirements of the region you are thinking about joining, there are a few the THSRA requires, and so there will be no misunderstanding as to what these requirements are, they are listed below:

1.  You must be in good standing, under 20 years of age, and be considered a full-time student with passing grades in 70% of classes taken.  Any student attending a private, home-school, year-round school or correspondence school, must show proof of full-time status (passing 70% of classes) and the grade report must be a professional, computer generated document with the signatures of the teacher(s) for each subject.  Any of these types of schools must be a state accredited school/program.  If there are any questions, you must get pre-approved ONE (1) MONTH PRIOR TO DEADLINES through the THSRA State Office by calling 936-590-4447.  All students, even the ones in public school, will be required to turn in a report card or transcript with their membership application, at mid-term and at the State Finals.  Any questionable documents of public, private, home, year-round or correspondence school received at deadline times will result in ineligibility of points for a minimum of two (2) rodeos, until the problem is worked
out.  Any documents that are falsified will result in immediate disqualification from the association.
2.  You will be required to sell fifteen (15) RAM  Truck Raffle tickets by December 2016 and have these returned to your region secretary.  For every five (5) tickets sold, you will receive one (1) free ticket.
3.  You will required to sell one (1) $50 Bloomer Trailer Raffle ticket by December 2017 and have this returned to your region secretary.
4.  You will also be required to sell at least one (1) $50 State Ad for the THSRA State
Finals program.  For any additional ads sold, the member will received 30% commission on the 
additional ad amount and your region will receive 20% commission.  The additional ads must total
more than $50 for commission to be paid.  THSRA members selling the most total ads and 
sponsorships will receive the following awards:

1st place - Trophy saddle
2nd place - hand crafted silver/rawhide breast collar and head stall, unless 
the member sells over $5,000 in ads.  If your ads total over $5,000, you will
also receive a gift certificate for a trophy saddle
3rd place - choice of hand crafted silver/rawhide breast collar or headstall
4th place - choice of hand crafted silver/rawhide breast collar or headstall
5th place - deluxe travel bag with hand-tooled leather logo "THSRA"